Earthy colours bathrooms

The bathroom is the place in your home to breath and just to be. The most prominent trend right now is to make the bathroom to your calm place where you can be alone and gather strength. To create your home spa, no matter how small or big your place is. That is why we don’t seem to be interested in the strong bright colours anymore, but instead the sober discrete ones.

One of the biggest of them is the earthy browns and beiges. From light sand tones to darker clay and earth – the natural scale is in all elements this year - walls, furniture and decor. An interesting combination is that they are often put together with the cooler grey scale with the overlap colour “greige”.

earthy colours

So, when you decorate at home, let in the natural wood. In floor, walls, details – and of course give your bathroom some luxury with a sauna. Be bold and go for brown walls with this new beautiful Taika colour.


With these sober browns and beiges, it is perfect to match with green plants in your bathroom. This is also good for the environment. Not all plants are easy to have in bathrooms but there are a couple of them. Dracena and Howea forsteriana are both decorative and hardy.