Serenity Spa by Riverton

Hotel Riverton is a modern design hotel located in Gothenburg, Sweden. The hotel is a family-owned and operated business since 1991. The year 2020 they started renovating their spa and created a whole new concept called Serenity SPA by Riverton.

Maria Montecinos Franjola is the Interior Architect behind the concept. The design is focusing on earthy tones and materials like beige and gold colours. They also chose to upgrade their three different saunas with new products from Tylö, everything from interior to heaters.

A: Aromatherapy Sauna
Temperature: 55 degrees. Humidity: 45%.

This is a modern hybrid between a dry and steam sauna. The sauna interior is inspired by organic forms and extends from floor to ceiling. The beautiful lightning can be chosen in different colours and it creates a calm and harmonious atmosphere. The heater is a Tylö Commercial which has an extreme fast heat up time and reduces power output once set temperature is reached.

B: Hammam
Temperature: 45-50 degrees. Humidity: 100%.

Another stunning sauna from Tylö is the Hammam sauna with beautiful grey and gold mosaic. The steam sauna gives a thick steam and heats up very fast. It is very good for your health, especially your skin. A lovely experience!

C: Serenity Pool
Temperature: 37 degrees.

This warm heated pool with a temperature of 37 degrees is a unique experience. The pool has a glittering turquoise water inspired by a tropical climate. A fun fact it is that the pool is built after a rock in the ground, that is why it has its unique shape.

D: Traditional Sauna
Temperature: 70-80 degrees. Humidity: 30%.

Behind the Serenity pool you will find the traditional sauna, which has a beautiful view over the pool. The heater in the sauna is also a Tylö Commercial heater. Outside the sauna it is a rain shower their you can shower in cold water for the optimal sauna experience.

E: Heated Beds

Another unique experience is the heated beds. The beds are ergonomically shaped to hug the body and give full relaxation. Behind the heated beds there are a glimmering golden wall that gives an extra feeling of luxury.

Maria Montecinos Franjola, CEO Interior Architect, Montechinos Franjola Design.
Lina Johansson, Media Marketing Manager, Hotel Riverton.
Photograph: Stephan Bozic,
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